About the Proxy/VPN Blocker Feature

Note about Google Analytics / Shopify Analytics Due to the fact that the app is being loaded immediately after your store has finished loading, you will still see the visit of a blocked country/IP address visitor in your Google Analytics / Shopify Analytics dashboards and reports, but don't worry - all they'll be able to see is the blocked message.

The Proxy/VPN Blocker feature allows you to restrict and forbid the access of specific visitors to your store, based on their IP address.

After activating the Proxy/VPN Blocker feature, every time that a visitor will visit your store, their IP address will be analyzed using the services https://VpnAPI.io

VpnAPI.io is determining the ISP and other factors of the given IP address and returns a security rating answer to the app. If that security rating is lower than the average, the access of that visitor will be blocked and the blocked message you have set will be shown for them.

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