How To Add The Gift Options To The Invoice/Packing Slip (Using Order Printer App)?

If you are using Shopify's Order Printer app to create or print invoices and packing slips, you can easily add the gift options that your customers choose to Order Printer templates.

In order to do so, follow these super simple steps:

  1. Make sure that you have Shopify's Order Printer app installed in your store.

  2. Open your Shopify's store admin dashboard ( and navigate to the Apps section from the sidebar on the left. Then choose Order Printer.

3. Next, in the Order Printer app's dashboard click on the Manage Templates button on the top left side.

4. Choose the template you'd like to add the gift options to by clicking on its name. Note that you can do it for all of the templates by simply repeating the next steps on each template you'd like.

5. Copy the following code to your clipboard and paste it in the code section of the template you've chosen, in the last of that section

{% if attributes["Gift Message"] or attributes["Gift Wrap"] or attributes["Gift Receipt"] %}
    <h3 style="margin: 0 0 1em 0;">Gift Options</h3>
    <div style="margin: 0 0 1em 0; padding: 1em; border: 1px solid black;">
        {% if attributes["Gift Message"] %}
        <strong><u>Gift Message:</u></strong> {{ attributes["Gift Message"] }}<br/>
        {% endif %}
        {% if attributes["Gift Wrap"] %}
        <strong><u>Gift Wrap:</u></strong> {{ attributes["Gift Wrap"] }}<br/>
        {% endif %}
        {% if attributes["Gift Receipt"] %}
        <strong><u>Gift Receipt:</u></strong> {{ attributes["Gift Receipt"] }}<br/>
        {% endif %}
{% endif %}

For example:

Of course, if you are familiar with editing the code of the Order Printer templates, you can paste it wherever you'd like, just make sure to paste it as-is and not inside another Liquid condition or it won't work.

Don'y forget that our support team, as always, is here to help with anything! :-)

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